Saturday, September 11, 2010

Baby Clubs and Programs!

Baby Clubs & Programs:

1-800-BABY 123 Family Beginnings Club For expecting parents
1-800-BABYLINE Ross Labs (Similac) Welcome Addition Club
1-888-827-4223 Free "Ace Kids" Birthday Club - Member Card and Gift on Birthday
1-800-658-4635 Free "Fresh Samantha" Club - Member Card and Birthday Gift (ages 3-12)
1-800-524-8697 Free "Hot Wheels" Club - Member Card & Free Car (mail-in - ages 3-12)
1-800-775-9272 Free "Magic Attic Doll" Club - Member Card, Poster, Stickers, Doll Catalog
1-800-228-2269 Free "Oriental Trading" Club - Catalogs and Party Planners
1-800-682-8691 Free "Sears" Craftsman Club - Member Card & Newsletter (ages 7-12)

Here are some clubs you can join - you can get free stuff!!

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