Friday, December 17, 2010

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"How it Works:

What is Gift Card Granny?
Gift Card Granny is a comparison shopping engine for discount gift cards. shows you where to get the best price when you buy gift cards, and the best price when you sell gift cards. All discount gift cards listed on the site include free shipping and should have no taxes.
How does it work?
Discount gift card companies like Plastic Jungle, and send us their gift card inventories every hour. This allows us to display the gift cards from many vendors all on one page, which makes comparison shopping much much easier.
Who am I buying or selling gift cards to?
You are buying the gift cards from the vendors listed on our site and not from
Why should I use
Gift Card Granny has helped many shoppers save thousands of dollars. We only partner with honest and reliable vendors that provide a quality user experience.

How do I buy gift cards?
To buy gift cards, search for a merchant to find the gift cards that you want to purchase. Then click on the "buy now" button, which will take you to the gift card vendors site where you can purchase your discounted gift card.
How long does it take to receive gift cards after ordering?
Gift cards should arrive with in 3 to 7 business days.
Do these gift cards ever expire?
All of the gift cards on Gift Card Granny should have no expiration date.
Are there fees for shipping and tax?
All gift cards come with free shipping and no taxes.

How do I sell my gift cards?
To sell a gift card, visit our sell gift cards page and scroll down to the merchant name of the gift card you want to sell. Then find the best price and click on the link for that vendor to sell your gift card.

How do I know I'll receive payment after sending my gift cards?

We only work honest and reliable vendors, and have yet to hear a single complaint about somebody not receiving payment for their gift cards.
How long does it take to get paid?
It usually takes between 3 and 7 business days to receive your money.

How do I check the balance of a gift card that I have?
Visit our gift card balance check page and scroll down to the merchant you want to check a gift card balance for. Click on the link for that merchant to find different ways to check your balance."

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