Thursday, October 28, 2010

Groupon: $49 for Five Days Worth of Prepared Meals Plus Delivery from Seattle Sutton's Healthy Eating

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In the 1800's, saying "I'm eating healthy" had a negative connotation because "Healthy" was the most common horse name. Today's deal encourages sizing down and slimming up without implication: for $49, you get five days' worth of prepared meals on a 1,200-calorie meal plan from Seattle Sutton's Healthy Eating (an up to $109 value). The cost of delivery is included, and Seattle Sutton can deliver to anywhere in Ohio or Michigan.

Seattle Sutton's Healthy Eating, founded by the superheroine-alias-sounding Seattle Sutton packages meals of controlled calories for customer consumption. This Groupon covers five days of Seattle Sutton's 1,200-calorie meal plan—15 complete meals that total up to, but never over, 1,200 total calories in a day. Seattle Sutton's menus, like a carousel of contained calorie intake, rotate on a five-week basis, ensuring that you won't be stuck eating the same meal every other day. Menu items include chicken with pineapple sauce, rice con queso and Baked Fish Almondine.

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