Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Today's Groupon in Toledo: Paint Your Masterpiece Deal!

Paint Your Masterpiece, located in the Kroger Plaza in Lambertville, MI, is offering $15 for $30 worth of pottery painting today! That is a 50% discount! 

"Paint Your Masterpiece nudges creativity so it emerges from its slumber and stretches its arms across a wide selection of unfinished ceramic bisque pieces, including picture frames ($30), cereal-size bowls ($18), and coffee mugs ($18). Budding artists can choose from more than 50 available colored glazes before splattering creative juices all over tiles ($10.50) and birthday plates ($20). Completed pieces are dipped in a clear glaze, fired in the studio's kilns, and then placed on the studio's test mantle to make sure they are display-worthy. For inspiration, tap into the dreamscapes of the subconscious or seek the assistance of the creative staff of ceramicists. To help bring artistic visions to life, pot painters are also invited to tinker with available aids such as books, stamps, and stencils. All the necessary tools are available for use on-site, and customers may pick up their masterpieces after approximately seven days.

Paint Your Masterpiece offers a spacious, comfortable studio in which friends and family can paint, stencil, and sponge imagery that's wildly innovative, beautiful, or commemorates the ancient Athenian victory at Marathon onto pottery ready to be filled with flowers, pencils, or wishes. Pamper pottery with artistic sheen with today's Groupon."

Get your Paint Your Masterpiece deal at Groupon HERE

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