Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Groupon: $6 for $12 Worth of Authentic Polish Comfort Fare and Drinks

According to most restaurant critics, the perfect Polish meal is served on a plate, which rests on a table with legs. Try some authentic Polish cuisine the way it was meant to be served with today's Groupon: for $6, you get $12 worth of authentic Polish fare and drinks at Ski's Polish-American Restaurant, located in Sylvania.

Ski's provides a flavorful foray into authentic, Polish-American edible delights with a variety of hearty comfort food. Feel free to solicit the culinary advice of the friendly servers as you scan the menu . The golden-brown sauerkraut balls ($5.99, lunch) are deep-fried concoctions of diced ham and sweet and sour cabbage that create an accordion concerto in your digestive music hall and act as a delectable lead-in to the Chicken a la Ski Bake ($8.99 lunch, $10.99 dinner) and its cheese and cream flow atop mashed potatoes, vegetables, and chicken. Sample the family-recipe potato pancakes ($5.99 lunch, $7.99 dinner) or colonize a mound of mashed potatoes and gravy with a juicy kielbasa sausage ($7.99 lunch, $11.99 dinner).

An official Polish crest constantly oversees the comfortable eatery floor, where Ski's smiley servers are quick to visit each of the red-clothed tables and booth bases for fortifications of water and coffee rations. Polka music is constantly piped through the speakers, so that almost all of the seven human senses are thoroughly exercised by the delicious dining experience.

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