Monday, September 27, 2010

FREE Night of Theater 2010

"About Free Night of Theater 2010:

     The idea for Free Night of Theater is so simple, it can be easy to miss how ground-breaking it is and how remarkably effective it has proven to be. Many individual theatres and regional service organizations have free ticket giveaways or discounted ticket programs, but Free Night has several unique components that set it apart from those programs.
First, it is a nationwide program offering tickets to a broad range of performances. Second, from the outset, the program has gone beyond one-night success stories to focus on what happens after a participant sees a show for free.     
     Participating theatres are offered tools, suggestions, and training on how best to work with Free Night patrons to encourage them to return, and retention rates and patterns are carefully measured. Finally, Free Night is aimed at people who can (and do) become paying customers, while still successfully reaching groups that are currently under-represented in theatre audiences across the country.
     Put together, these elements add up to what really makes Free Night unique as an audience development initiative--it works. Year after year, in city after city, this program has reached people who don't go to the theatre, given them a memorable cultural experience, and converted a startling number of them into regular attendees. In 2010, TCG continues to work closely with APASO (Association of Performing Arts Service Organizations), city and state arts councils, and city and state government agencies as managing partners to produce the Free Night of Theater program."

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