Saturday, September 11, 2010

Coupons - how to get more?

One of the most common questions we get asked from new couponers is “Where do I get all of my coupons?” Typically, we tell them that the best resource is the Sunday newspapers, as well as some printable websites. While there are a number of ways to collect large quantities of coupons, we have found a coupon distribution service that brings coupon inserts straight to your mail box. The best part is they come completely separate from all the newspapers. You pay for them via PayPal and you can order them beginning on the Saturdays prior to the Sunday coupon release.

Mad Coupons, a leader in the online couponing world is currently distributing thousands of coupon inserts throughout the United States. Their service provides packs of 10 of each coupon insert in that week’s paper for just $10.50 per pack. A typical week’s pack is 10-40 coupon inserts and has $1000 or more in possible savings.

I myself have begun using Mad Coupon’s service for about a month now. It is so nice not to have to run out on Sundays, hunting down my 3 LA Times at the local gas stations. Here locally, the coupon packets have arrived consistently in Wednesday’s mail, following the Sunday release. You do have to wait a few more days to cash in on the savings. However, the sheer number of coupons you get for a fraction of the normal cost outweighs any inconvenience you might experience by waiting a couple of days for them to arrive.

If anyone would like more information about receiving coupon distribution service through the mail, please feel free to contact Sarah C. from Mad Coupons at

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