Thursday, August 12, 2010

Free Samples on the Fly?

Not all freebees require you to use the internet and to sign up!  Here are some creative ideas!

  1. Dentists Office - free toothpaste, toothbrust and floss!
  2. Various Games - see if venues are giving away caps or souvenirs on certain dates!
  3. Department Stores - Cosmetics and fragrance counters always let you sample!
  4. Doctors Offices - Ask for a sample of the prescription!
  5. Ice Cream Shops - Ask for a sample to try other flavors!
  6. Cosmetic Stores - Ask - doesn't hurt to ask (Sephora, Body Shop..)
  7. Events - sign up for tastings at a local wine shop or stop by an art gallery opening for appetizers and drinks!
Share you ideas with us!

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