Friday, August 6, 2010

Coupon Clipping Sites!

Thank you Hip2Save for throwing this together.  I personally use Coupons and Things by Dede and have no complaints!

* Coupons & Things by Dede:
Offers whole inserts and clipped coupons; $3 minimum order requirement; shipping cost is actual shipping cost plus a 50¢ administrative fee

* The Coupon Clippers:
Offers manufacturer’s coupons and rebate forms; minimum order is 5 of each coupon unless you are ordering off the HOT coupons page or the Forms; $3 minimum order requirement; shipping starts at $0.44 plus all orders will incur a non-refundable $0.50 processing fee

* The Coupon Master:
Offers manufacturer’s coupons, forms and couponing aids; minimum order of 3 of each coupon unless otherwise noted; $3 minimum order requirement; you will be charged shipping (depending on the size of your order) plus a $0.50 administration fee; offers 10% military discount- you just need to provide a copy of your Military ID and you will be sent a coupon code for 10% off all of your future orders

* The Coupon Carry-Out:
Offers manufacturer’s coupons; $3 minimum order requirement; offers a customer rewards program; First class shipping is FREE on orders of $15 or more (handling fees still apply); shipping starts at $0.44 plus a $0.50 handling fee

Offers manufacturer’s coupons; $2 minimum order requirement; shipping starts at $0.44; NO handling fee

* Rebecca’s Coupons & Forms:
Offers manufacturer’s coupons, whole inserts, and forms; must order a minimum of 5 of any coupon; $5 minimum order requirement; handling fee and shipping varies depending on what is purchased

* Collectable Coupons:
Offers manufacturer’s coupons and whole inserts; $2.50 minimum order requirement; shipping starts at $0.44 PLUS a $0.50 administration fee

* Danielle’s Coupon Paradise:
Offers manufacturer’s coupons and store coupons; No minimum order requirements; shipping starts at $0.44 for orders under $5 and shipping is FREE for orders $5 and over; handling fee is stated on each coupon and starts at $0.05

* My Coupon Hunter:
Offers manufacturer’s coupons; NO minimum order requirement; shipping and handling starts at $0.45

* The Clippin’ Chick’s Clipping Service:
Offers manufacturer’s coupons, rebates and whole inserts; minimum order is 10 of each coupon selected and a $5 minimum order total; shipping fee is $0.45 for each 35 coupons selected

* Cents Off:
Offers manufacturer’s coupons, restaurant coupons, and store coupons; one time membership fee of $7.50 that will be added to YOUR FIRST ORDER ONLY; charges a flat fee of $8 per 50 coupons (whether you order 1 or 50 coupons; shipping and handling is built into this fee)

* Kuntry Klippers:
Offers manufacturer’s coupons; FREE shipping option on every order: orders under $20 ship free via USPS first class mail, orders $20-$99.99 ship free via USPS priority mail, and orders over $100 ship free via USPS express mail; handling fee varies depending on order total (orders $0.01-$1.99 have $0.99 handling fee, orders $2-$3.99 have $0.40 handling fee, and orders $4 and up have NO handling fee); no minimum order requirements; however, most coupons are listed in sets of 20

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